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LED RV Retrofit Bulbs

M4 RV Replacement LEDs have been chosen specific to the application of RV interior retrofit lighting.  There are other less expensive generic LED bulbs available, as well as replacement products that cost substantially more, but M4 has done the research and testing to find a replacement Interior light source that not only performs well, but does so at a reasonable price.

imga.gif QUALITY:  All LED lights are not the same!  We sell quality products.  Don't be fooled by many cheap bulbs shipped on Ebay shipped directly from China.  Read our Lumens and Quality Page for more information.

NOW MORE BASES AVAILABLE:  See our Cross Reference Page for Compatibility.  Many of our bulbs are also Non-Polarity, so if your fixture is wired backwards (common problem), the bulbs still work without removing and reassigning the fixture.

LOWER YOUR POWER CONSUMPTION WHILE BOONDOCKING:  As an example, our 24-5050-WW (ambient use) replacement bulbs use 1/8 the current of standard incandescent bulb while still producing 90% of the light.  The leading competitor's plate light has similar output to an incandescent bulb, but they do so by using over twice the amount of power as our 5050 SMD based LEDs.  Their product also costs twice as much.  Our 30-3528-BW (counter and storage) Bulb uses 1/10th the power while still producing 75% of the light.  You can turn on 8 to 10 of our bulbs and light up your entire RV using the same amount of power to light ONE standard bulb!

WARM WHITE LIGHT or BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT: We have both Warm White and Cool Bright White lights depending on your personal preference and and for different applications.  Many choose Cool Bright in your Ambient Lighting fixtures, but many prefer Warm White in these areas that has the same color hue to a standard incandescent bulb. Cool White give a more visable light solely due to the color range.

Refer to our Lumens and Quality Page to help you with questions regarding brightness, and you can see examples of Warm White and Cool Bright White in on our Bulb Cross Reference and Color Range Page.