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RGB-STRIP 6 Meter (19.5') Color Changing Strip Light with Controller and 120v Transformer

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Product Description

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Compare all of the features of this kit!

  • 6 Meters (19.6') of light
  • 60 5050 LEDs per meter (competitors use less LEDs or smaller/cheaper LEDs)
  • Includes a 3 meter RGB extension cable so you can install the controller/receiver in a dry area
  • Includes a 120v transformer to run the lights on house power, or don't use the transformer and run it on 12vDC
  • Multi-function 44 button remote
  • Set a color, rotate through colors, different ways to change color, change speeds, many display options.
  • Strip can be cut to length every 3 LEDs

To be used under your RV awning, or anywhere else you want to add some color.  Most choose to stick these to the side of the RV right under the drip rail of under the awning.  They work off of 12v and can be cut to size every 3 LED chips.

The Kit Includes:

  • 1pcs 6m RGB Color Changing Water Resistant Strip Light with adhesive tape
  • 1pc 3m Control Extension Cable and male/male interconnector so you can install the controller in a dry area inside the RV or a compartment.
  • 1pc Controller/Receiver
  • 1pc 120v AC to 12v DC transformer with power cord
  • 1pc remote control with battery



120 Volt AC or 12v DC with extended RGB Cable for Remote Installation

NOTE: Professional installation suggested if you are not comfortable with basic wiring.  Installation may also include drilling and sealing holes where necessary.  M4 assumes no responsibility for any alteration or damage caused to RV during installation.  If the lights are to be used as RV Awning lights, the preferred location is on the body of the RV just below where the awning is attached to the RV.

Power can be supplied with included 120v AC power adaptor (recommended method best protects system) or by 12v DC directly to the 12 volt controller/receiver unit without using the 120v to 12v transformer (must cut 12v round connector from transformer to for power).  If you are using the 12 volt DC method, ensure you have good clean power to the unit, and don’t use with overly aggressive battery chargers or power supplies.  If you are unsure of clean power, consider a voltage driver between the RV and 12 volt controller to protect electronics.

Lights can be controlled to display one color, strobe, or cycle through colors in different patterns. Speed and brightness can be increased/decreased. Remote works in close proximity to control unit so you can't accidently change your neighbor’s lights. Mount controller in a dry area with antenna exposed.

LED Strips can also be cut to length if necessary every 3 LED chips (with power off, cut at copper pads in half on light strip).

To Install:

  • Layout and temporarily connect the system together to test function before permanently installing.
  • The polarity of the 4 wire RGB connector between the light strip and controller/receiver must be correct.  Connect cables so the arrows on the ends of the cable match each other, and arrow on cable that attaches to RBG cable points to 12v+ side of the RGB light strip.  If the RGB function does not work, try disconnecting the RGB cable at one end and reverse the connection until the RGB lights work properly. 
  • A small pin based male-male interconnector is included to connect the white RGB extension cable to the controller/receiver.
  • RGB Strip needs to be installed on a clean smooth hard surface.  To install the RGB strip, clean the surface where the lights will stick several times, use wax stripper, alcohol, or window cleaner as necessary.  When necessary, a small dab of clear RTV over the ends of the strip after it is in place can help reduce lifting.
  • The controller/receiver must be installed in a dry location that is also in eye-site of the remote control.  The small wire off the controller/receiver is the receiving antenna for the remote.
  • Permanently run the white RGB extension cord from the RGB strip light to the controller.  Use electrical tape or shrink tubing (not included) over both end connections of this cord to keep it securely connected and to keep the connections dry.  Drill holes where necessary to run the cord and seal with clear RTV.
  • Connect the 120v/12v power transformer to the controller, then plug into a 120v plug.  Alternatively you can power the controller/receiver directly from 12 volts without the transformer by cutting the lead from the transformer.  Ensure you use a 10A fuse in the circuit if using this method and that the polarity is correct.

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Product Reviews

  1. Great Products Great Service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Mar 2018

    Steve is a standup guy. He tells you what he know to be the truth and will discuss possible solutions with you.
    I have bought several products from M4 (some we were not sure would work) we wanted to try. Steve was very up front about the issues I might face. Some worked others didn’t (nothing to do with the products) all to do with the electronics on my Motorcoach (very complex stuff).

    I purchased some Colorv LED lighting for my coach more than two years ago (out of warranty). One set stopped working, so I contacted Steve for assistance on what I could purchase to get them working. Together we determined which part was the problem an I sent the part to Steve so he could insure my diagnosis. To my great surprise and pleasure he replaced the part free of charge.

    That is great service. Thanks fir being a stand up Guy Steve.

  2. LED strip is Great - Remote / ability to switch LED's between colors and features no so much. 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jan 2018

    The LED strip is absolutely worth the money - Bright and easy to install.

    However - when switching between colors and different feature i have to put the remote with-in inches of the sensor bulb. I would have thought it would have worked up to a better distance (10 -15 feet). In some cases it takes forever for the remote to actually switch the LEDs to the different features.

    I'm not sure if I have an issue with my remote, however that feature doesn't work as I had hoped.

    M4 Note: This item uses a line of site IR remote like a TV set. Ensure that the antenna that hangs off the controller is visible to the remote. Also, do not have the antenna in an area with high background lighting or other visual interference. The remote must be pointed at the visual receiver, and a distance of around 6 feet is normal for this type of IR receiver. Adjust your install as necessary and you should have better results. We like to install them right inside the RV door, open the door, switch the lights, and enjoy the light effects. You will find one likes to play with all of the different color setting initially, but typically sets it to one color or sequence they prefer after that. I hope this helps.

  3. Great Product. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Dec 2017

    We had one of these installed 3 years ago at the dealership and paid a very high price for the quality. The kit supplied by M4 was superior to the unit we had on our RV. I followed the instructions and had very successful results. Will always look at Steve's website for additional product offering.

  4. Strip lights look great 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Sep 2017

    We are going to go on our first dry camping trip and thought I would put up some LED Strip Lights. I was a little concerned as to how long they would stay up after talking with others who said their LED's fell down within a day. Of course the difference was that they used a different brand then M4 Products. You must wipe down the surface with alcohol before installing to allow the 3M adhesive to stick properly. My other concern was the antenna. Since it is an IR antenna, it must be able to see you. Putting it in a cabinet will not work. I put ours in the same hole the LED lead came through the side wall and it works from the outside. Steve was great in giving me a couple of tips on installation by e-mail in a timely fashion. Will definitely buy more products from M4

  5. Great upgrade to my RV! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Jul 2017

    I bought this to install on my RV awning. I mounted this on the roller tube of the awning, so it would shine towards the rv, instead of on the body shining outward as it's intended. To do so, I also purchased an extension 4pin RGB cable to complete the required run. We are so thrilled to have vastly improved lighting on the exterior of our RV! Must have upgrade if your RV didn't come with nice exterior lights.

    Being able to dim them was a must-have for me as well, and in addition to different colors, the dimmer works great.

    I've already recommended it to a neighbor.

  6. A-OK Once the polarity was corrected 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Sep 2016

    Product does exactly what is says it can do. However, we had an issue with he polarity going into the controller box from the 12v outside light fixture. Steve at M4 was able to find the problem after all we could do was get a green light from the strip and no response from the remote.
    We have a Jayco GreyHawk C Class.

    We installed ours under the rain gutter and it fits perfectly under it. We didn't trust just the adhesive on the back so we added clear silicon adhesive.

    M4 Note: Tim installed his as a 12 installation. To do this, you cut the cable off the 120v/12v transformer and use the 12v side of the cable. If you hook up both the 12v cable backwards plus you have the RGB cable backwards, it will only light green. If you correctly hook up both connections, it works as designed.

  7. best company ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Mar 2016

    this is the third item I have received from M4. outstanding company, prompt shipping .don't even bother trying to buy led light anywhere else. these are the real deal. I've tried the Chinese junk and ended up throwing in the garbage

  8. Good Product 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Feb 2016

    We just purchased these lights for our Motorhome. We I stalled them 2 days ago. They are quite impressive.
    One concern that I have is where the cord attaches to the light string. One of the two strings I purchased seemed to make a better connection than the other one. Time will tell.
    Two it would be better if the extension cord that is provided came in two pieces with a round plug yo join the two sections. This would make installation much easier. Just drill a hole push the round plug through and you are almost done. I had to drill a small hole and then make it rectangular to avoid having to drill a larger hole. The hole has to be repaired and sealed so the smaller it is the easier the repair.

    Steve sells great products and I would recommend that you should have no concerns about the quality of his products.

    It would be better if he could figure out a less expensive way of shipping to Canada.

  9. Very nice lights 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Dec 2015

    The LED strip is really nice, expecially in "fade" mode.

    The extension cable had an open conductor, so the green LEDs didn't work. I emailed M4 and they immediately sent a replacement cable, which arrived in just a couple of days, along with a return label so returning the defective cable was easy.

    Excellent customer service. I am recommending M4 to others.